Marlons quest

The legendary treasure called Ring of Glory, once worn by the first emperor Muren has manifested its presence once more within our lands. Whoever possesses the 'Ring of Glory' gains the blessing of Muren. It is said to be found in the deserts across the sea.

Ring of Honor
Ring of Honor

Talk to Marlon who will appear in Devias (198,48), Lorencia (136,87), Noria (168,88), or Atlans (16,24). He will tell you more about the Ring once you give him a gift of 3 million Zen.

Return to Marlon once you have found the Ring of Glory to complete your transformation into one of the vanguards of the Continent of MU. For Blade Knights who thirst for a greater power talk to Marlon again once you finish this quest.

The Blade Knights possess a power that only they can wield. The ability to string together their techniques have made these knights extremely powerful and no other tribe has been able to emulate this.

The Dark Stone calls out from the deserts.

Dark Stone
Dark Stone

It calls out to the brave Blade Knights to continue the legacy of their tribe and seek this skill.

Marlon, one of the keepers of the tribe's heritage, invites you to embark on this quest.

He requires an offering of 3 Million Zen as a symbol of your commitment. Bring to him the Dark Stone and unlock the true power of the Blade Knights.

Posted27 / 09 / 2020

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