Fortress of Crywolf

Fortress of Crywolf is located at the southeastern area of Valley of Loren.
It's a front line fortress where the allied forces of human and elf fight against the forces of Kundun. The rough geographical features of the fortress made it a fortress blessed with natural barriers for defense and a key area for strategy.
Kundun's forces haven't been able to head north and now the frontline is in a deadlock.
Therefore Kundun has commanded Lemuria to dispatch troops to the Fortress of Crywolf to overcome a situation.

On whole MU world players game experience uo to 50% higher. Strength of monsters in all server clusters except Land of Trial will decrease 10%. Kundun's life recovery will not function. Success rate will increase 5% when combining invitations. ADDITIONAL INFO [HERE]

Posted15 / 10 / 2020Byadmin

Currently this is only one server.