Halloween Day Event

From October 30th to November 7th, Halloween spirits will be toying with our MU.lv portal!

Halloween: The time when cauldrons replace ovens and when the moon becomes the "main star" of the eerie night sky! Keep your eyes peeled and reflexes sharp, as this period sees hundreds of curses and charms flying randomly overhead... Unlike our teams here at MU.lv, don't try to "catch 'em all"! Lots of Pumpkin will be drop in MU continent during event period with a lot of prizes. Bring them down for rewards or hunt any monster above level 68 to snag pumpkins redeemable for scrolls, sustenance, pet skeleton or a rare transformation ring that will change their characters into the hellish Jack-O-Lantern Monster.

Note: Pet skeleton gives 20% boost EXP and an additional of 5% EXP when paired with a transformation ring (skeleton or panda).

Posted30 / 10 / 2020Byadmin

Currently this is only one server.