New 5-6 lvl Wings

In total we have added 6 new types of wings, 🦋 Wings of Conqueror, 🦋 Wings of Angel & Devil, 🦋 Devil Wings, 🦋 Goddess Wings,🦋 Cloak Awakening and 🦋 Magical Wings. Models of wings are taken from newer seasons, but additional effects are created from zero.
Wings of Conqueror are giving bonus to physical attacks and are intended for – BK, DL, ELF and Battle-MG characters. They are slightly faster than Wings of Storm.
Wings of Devil & Angel are giving bonus to magical attacks and are intended for – SM and Wizardy-MG characters. They are faster than Wings of Space time.
To equip these wings you will need to have a 3rd profession, and a 260 level, regardless of the item level of the wings. By the way, MG is the only character that can wear both types of wings.
As well the new wings are increasing a movement speed of your character.
BugFix: Ancient sets, Pet added durability and, web wing options corrected.
Added: New 3 new Fenrirs in game.

Posted25 / 02 / 2021Bylemiks

Currently this is only one server.