Second part of summer update

We add Master Reset Reward ItemOnline time Reward, Party Search SystemStore Search SystemPk Limit!!!TopHit Monster Reward systemGremory Case System, and much more ...

Also prepare to change poor PVP config, and suspend nonactive player acc, to clean up server. Also GR systems will be upgraded.

- Fix mastered frozen stab attack speed effetct
- Fix OffHelper items level name
- Fix TopHit Monster coin reward
- Fix Skill Inside Option
- Fix Custom Quest no inventory Space
- Fix Custom Quest LevelUpPoints when reset
- Fix Online time save
- Fix CustomRankUser
- Fix Gvg Max guild option
- Fix Party Gap in the JoinParty
- Fix Teleport skill bug with sleep or stun
- Fix Map move bug with sleep or stun effect
- Fix character can't use skill with Ice arrow
- Fix Can move when use the Summon Skill
- Fix Dark spirit postion in view port
- Fix Personal store view port close when die
- Fix white boots when evolve to 3rd class

Gremory Case

1. Gremory Case is a storage where you can keep event maps, GM event rewards and etc.

- You can keep event maps, GM rewards and etc.
- You can send the items in Gremory Case to your inventory.
- Items stored have expiration date.

※Item disappears when it expires in 15 days.
- There are two types of storage in Gremory Case: Character storage and Server storage.
Up to 50 items can be stored in each type of storage.

Character Storage- Items belong to certain character can be stored.
- You can check the items in the Gremory case of the character.

Account Storage- Items belong to certain server can be stored.
- You can check all items of all characters created in a certain server.
- Only one character of each account can receive stored items.
- Hot key for Gremory Case is “K.”
- Click the item you want to receive from Gremory Case.
- Confirmation window pops up when you click the item. If you click OK button, the item
will be sent to your inventory.

※If there is not enough space in your inventory, receipt will be canceled.

Important Note for Gremory Case

Maximum Capacity of Gremory Case
- If the number of item exceeds the maximum capacity of Gremory Case, item
will be deleted in chronological order from the first item stored.
- You cannot receive the items which are expired.

Posted19 / 07 / 2021Bylemiks

Currently this is only one server.