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On the night of December 23th, when The Sun Goes Down, strange things begin to happen. In the night of Christmas, everything from ghosts to Bad Santa's can be seen. Are you ready for Christmas? Are you ready to find and loot Bad Santa's?

What is a "Bad Santa Invasion"?

Bad Santa Invasion is a special InfinityMU Event that happens yearly during Christmas. Bad Santa will arrive in spots scattered around Lorencia,Dungeon and Lost Tower. They will spawn every 3 hours, for 5 minutes. The event will be announced with the message "The Bad Santa invaded us! Save the continent!" and end with "The Bad Santa has retreated". Then you should get ready for the next invasion after 3 hours, when you can hunt and kill Bad Santa again for 5 minutes!

Event takes place only on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of December.



Star of Sacred Birth (with 100% drop rate)

The Bad Santa drop Star of Sacred Birth which give you Santa and Rudolf parts.

Also, the Star of Sacred Birth drop the New Jewels, as well.

Santa came to the wrong continent Mu! Help the Santa!

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