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You need the Double Goer Ticket (14,111)


Ticket Creation:

You need five "Level of marker" (14,110) and will be transformed in "Dimension magyeong" (14,111)


Min Players: 1

Max Players: 5


You can enter alone or with party.




- User/party member die or left the room

- Time finish



- Kill the 3 Bosses and open the Golden Treasure Box




You can enter how many times and when you want inside the event.

You will be teletransported randomly to one Room.

Difficulty and drop will be setted depending your level.

1) User/Party members is/are warped inside the event.

2) Kill some monsters and 3 bosses will appear.

3) When you kill one boss two silver treasure box will appear, you can open only one, inside this box can be one item or a monster trap (larvas).

4) When you kill Ice Walker Boss each monster that you kill will not re-appear again.

5) When you kill the tree bosses, Golden Treasure Box will appear.

6) When you open the Golden Treasure Box one item will be droped and event will finish.




1) Yellow bar show the distance between start and end of the map

2) Black triangles show the position of each party member

3) Blue triangle show your position

4) Red triangle show the position of Ice Walker Boss

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Currently this is only one server.