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What is a "Golden Colossus"?

황금의 콜로서스 이벤트 (칸투르) - Golden Colossus Invocation the Demons (Summon Scroll) S8 Invasion

The Invasion based on the original MU Online and fully correspond to the original settings of our MU season.
During the Invasion period, a mission Invasion will be held to reward players with various items according to the levels obtained.
Note: In other private servers, this Invasion is called "Summon Scroll"

When and how long will the "Golden Colossus" Invasion is take place?

The "Golden Colossus" Invasion will start exactly 13:25, that's in 4 hours, 54 minutes, 9 seconds from now, and the duration of the Invasion will be 30 minutes

What NPCs/monsters are involved in the Invasion?

Where the "Golden Colossus" Invasion is taking place?

The Invasion called "Golden Colossus" takes place simultaneously on the following maps:
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Golden Goblins have been released into the lands of Kanturu, Aida, Tarkan, Karutan and Acheron. When defeated, these creatures may drop a Book of Invocation that will summon other Golden Monsters. This includes the Golden Tantalose, Golden Erohim, Golden Hell Maine and Golden Kundun.

Capture each Golden Monster for a chance to retrieve a new Book that will summon the next level of monster. Each Golden Monster will unlock random rewards which may include zen, jewels, Wings of Angel and Devil. Defeat the Golden Hell Maine or Golden Kundun for the opportunity to obtain rare Golden Apples.

* Only one reward per player.


Books of Invocation

Titan's AngerCan be obtained from Golden Goblin.
-It summons Golden Titan [1].
Tantalose's PunishmentCan be obtained from Golden Titan.
-It summons Golden Tantalose [1].
Erohim's NightmareCan be obtained from Golden Tantalose.
-It summons Golden Erohim [1].
Hell Maine's InsanityCan be obtained from Golden Erohim.
-It summons Golden Hell Maine [1].
Kundun's GreedCan be obtained from Golden Hell Maine.
-It summons Golden Kundun [1] and
Golden Tantalose [5].
  • * Tradable, NPC Price - 100,000 ZEN, Can be stored in inventory & vault
  • * Golden Monsters cannot be summoned in any safe zones or on the event map.
  • * Lost Golden Apples will not be replaced


Golden Monsters and Possible Rewards

Golden Goblin

Titan's Anger [1] / 100,000 ZEN / Jewel of Bless [1] /
Jewel of Soul [1] / Jewel of Life [1] / Jewel of Chaos [1] /
Jewel of Creation [1] / Jewel of Harmony [1]

Golden Titan

Tantalose's Punishment [1] / 100,000 ZEN / Jewel of Bless [1] or [10] / Jewel of Soul [1] or [10] / Jewel of Life [1] or [10] /
Jewel of Chaos [1] or [10] / Jewel of Creation [1] or[10] /
Jewel of Harmony [1] or [10]

Golden Tantalose

Erohim's Nightmare [1] / 100,000 ZEN / Jewel of Bless [1] or [10]
or [20] / Jewel of Soul [1] or [10] or [20] / Jewel of Life [1] or [10]
or [20] / Jewel of Chaos [1] or [10] or [20] /Jewel of Creation
[1] or [10] or [20] / Jewel of Harmony [1] or [10] or [20]

Golden Erohim

Hell Maine's Insanity [1] / 100,000 ZEN / Jewel of Bless [1] or [10]
or [20] or [30] / Jewel of Soul [1] or [10] or [20] or [30] / Jewel of
Life [1] or [10] or [20] or [30] / Jewel of Chaos [1] or [10] or [20] or
[30] / Jewel of Creation [1] or [10] or [20] or [30] /
Jewel of Harmony [1] or [10] or [20] or [30]

Golden Hell Maine

Kundun's Greed [1] / Wing of Angel and Devil [28 Days] /
100,000 ZEN / Jewel of Bless [1] or [10] or [20] or [30] / Jewel of
Soul [1] or [10] or [20] or [30] / Jewel of Life [1] or [10] or [20] or
[30] / Jewel of Chaos [1] or [10] or [20] or [30] / Jewel of Creation
[1] or [10] or [20] or [30] / Jewel of Harmony [1] or [10] or [20] or

lden Kundun

Wing of Angel and Devil [28 Days] / 100,000 ZEN / Jewel of Bless
[1] or [10] or [20] or [30] / Jewel of Soul [1] or [10] or [20] or [30] /
Jewel of Life [1] or [10] or [20] or [30] / Jewel of Chaos [1] or [10]
or [20] or [30] / Jewel of Creation [1] or [10] or [20] or [30] / Jewel
of Harmony [1] or [10] or [20] or [30]

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